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Coworkers are not Your Friends

Coworkers are not Your Friends Work is a competition. Your co-workers are not your Friends, and being overl...

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Coworkers are not Your Friends

Work is a competition. Your co-workers are not your Friends, and being overly friendly in and out of the workplace can have negative impacts on your job. You go to work for a paycheck and any negative social friction can impact this mission.

Do not Facebook or Instagram "friend" your coworkers. Anything you write or publish can be used against you at work. If you have any political leanings that are different than your work group, they will hold it against you. Anything can tarnish your reputation. If you are a Republican in a group of left-leaning Democrats, any post relating to your discordant views can lead to isolation on the job. Below is my advice for new professionals who want to make friends at work and mingle afterwards.

Do not attend work functions where alcohol is plentiful. Any misbehavior will follow you for your tenure at your job. I politely decline happy hour invites, and hear about misadventures the day after. Coworkers come in late hung over and the news of the prior evening's exploits make their way to the boss.

Do not gossip. Any gossipers who spread gossip to you will gossip about you behind your back. It is simple as that.

Do not talk about money at work. People will get jealous, so keep your latest profitable stock trade to yourself.

Avoid idle chatter with coworkers. If you venture into topics outside the norm, anything you say will be used against you.

Overall, you go to work to make money. so have seen coworkers tarnish their reputations badly and eventually quit. Be polite, professional and direct at work.

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