Why I joined Steemit and why I Enthusiastically Continue

I joined Steemit in May of 2018 after the Cryptocurr...

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I joined Steemit in May of 2018 after the Cryptocurrency bear market of 2017. STEEM was a cryptocurrency I traded on Binance, and remembered the volatile nature of its movements. I traded STEEM between $2-3 and ended up really enjoying the rollercoaster ride it presented. I signed up for Steemit in May after being really impressed with the content and community, and am glad I did. Despite the deep bear market, I am a fan of STEEM and enthusiastically participate in the STEEM ecosystem including Steemit.

Steemit is an opportunity, and the basic economic reason I joined Steemit was to earn the cryprocurrency STEEM daily. The STEEM ecosystem comprised of Dapps including Dtube, Steem Monsters, Screenshot, Drug Wars and more than 250 other systems is much larger than Steemit. The STEEM coins we earn on the Steemit platform are units of bandwidth, and can be traded and converted into other cryptocurrencies on the major exchanges including Binance and Bittrex.

The reason I stay and participate on Steemit is the dynamic community. I have been able to discuss a wide variety of topics from news, literature, photography, food and cryprocurrency on this platform and have had a blast doing so. It is true other platforms offer this, but we get paid to do that here. We converse with people all over the world and get new perspectives on the issues we care about or are curious about.

The growing STEEM ecosystem including Steemit and the low price of STEEM makes Steemit a great opportunity. This is more than an economic opportunity. We are early adopters; we are building community, reputation and as a result Steem Power and bandwidth on the network. My recommendation to everyone is to jump in now while the reward pool pays well and STEEM is cheap. I have enjoyed the ride and will continue to do so.

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